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10 Golden Rules Revisited

The "lomography" concept of the "ten golden rules" is interesting, but they don't really tie completely into the "look" of lomographic pictures, nor do they line up with the rest of the "Lomo" message which is focussed (hah) on selling overpriced crappy cameras.

So, let's try another set of golden rules, with some retained from the original:

  • Take your camera everywhere you go.
    • Take the best camera that's practical for the situation. By "best", I mean "most likely to deliver a picture you'll enjoy"
    • Remember, you've probably got a phone-camera anyway. Replace the software, if possible, to obtain a better image and/or ergonomics.
  • Use it any time – day and night.
    • A camera that can shoot well in the dark is a good idea. That means push processing film, using fast film like Delta 3200, a modern SLR or a pocket digital like the Canon S90.
    • Despite the Lomo marketing message, bashing away with on-camera flash just annoys the subject and often looks too naff for words. Especially with slide film.
  • Try the shot from the hip.
    • Or, you know, keep looking through the viewfinder but side on the ground. Or stand on a chair.
  • Try for a wide angle and enjoy the perspective bend
    • Getting in close is great, but only if you have the focal length for it
  • Think about the shot, but shoot freely
    • The Lomo "don't think" idea is a justification for a roll of mis-framed, boring pictures sans heads. Far better to just shoot more frames. Turn the motor drive on and turn the zoom ring while shooting.
  • Use visual effect to give pleasing results while snapshooting.
    • Vignettes, cross-processed Provia, dodgy glass (or plastic).
    • Rough-shot colour and light in the scene is more pleasing than dull but perfectly focussed.
  • Don't plan the picture; grab it while the moment is there.
  • Even if you shoot digital, print everything. Look at the prints. Don't "chimp". Let the results stand alone.
  • Don't worry about any rules.