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This quirky off-brand car amplifier did the rounds in the late nineties, cleverly imported by the Nasser clan when they had the Strathfield Car Radio in Hamilton.

So, the amp. It gives away the off-brand heritage with a "1200 Watts" label on the front. About as audiophile as a sack of bricks.

A reasonable specification would be 50W RMS x 4 channels. It has a terrible built-in crossover, don't use that. In fact, don't run it in 4 channel mode. Flick the bridge switches and treat it as a dual-mono design - which the internals are close to.

Treat it as a two channel amp, use it for a couple of mediocre subwoofers and the results aren't too bad. A good 100-150 watts per bridged pair and they don't sound too bad. Don't get big expectations but it will deliver solid bass without hassles as long as you're not trying to compete in an SPL soundoff.

Aah, now - there are two RCA inputs per bridge pair. Get a splitter and put signal in both sockets - otherwise you'll need to run a much hotter signal in.

On the plus side:

  • I've had this one sitting around for over ten years and it still worked when I just tested it.
  • It has enough power to run a couple of reasonable subwoofers and annoy the neighbours.
  • The paint job is a sweet red and black affair. Looks pretty good!

On the fail side:

  • The high end is muddy.
  • The crossover is rubbish.