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Gustard U16 Firmware (ROM files) and Tools


It appears that the official Gustard U16 firmware was taken down at some point. I guess this is pretty common even with big manufacturers, so I'm not wholly surprised.

A couple of people mirrored the content with OneDrive accounts and the like, but these can be ephemeral and often won't get indexed or held by I'd like Google to index this up and hopefully plenty of other sites will mirror it so it doesn't get lost.

For reference, I'm using *GU16V1_61_NFB.rom* on my U16 at the time of writing and this fixed a problem where 192Khz content was just stalling and misbehaving.

The Files

File Name
Date Modified
File Size (KBytes)
GU16V1_4_PSA_0db_PS_Audio_I2S.rom26.08.2020 02:261024KB
firmware_upgrade_tutorial.pdf26.08.2020 02:26457.17KB
GSD U16_V1.77.rom26.08.2020 02:261024KB
GSD U16V1.58.rom26.08.2020 02:261024KB
GSDU16_V1.61.rom26.08.2020 02:261024KB
GU16V1_61_NFB.rom26.08.2020 02:261024KB
gustard_u16_firmware_download_tools.zip26.08.2020 02:281550.05KB
GSD U16V1.4_0db.rom26.08.2020 02:261024KB
gustard_u16_asio_control_panel.zip26.08.2020 02:27386.7KB