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This came up on LiveJournal and I figured I'd mirror some of the better ones here for easy access and amusement.

user: how_appropriate:

the other day somebody tried to convince me that crown casino has it's own morgue because so many people kill themselves there.

user: mordant

I worked for Crown, thats only the base rumour. There's another rumour that certain restrooms have such a high suicide rate, the whole cubicle can flip around for quick body removal. The other rumour is while there is no hidden morgue, there is an underground tunnel to the hospital's morgue. And there is also a rumour than every time the gas turrets on the prom go off, they use $21,000 in gas - no wait, that one is real.

user: hank_quinlan

I've heard a lot of shit about their 'white corridors', like there's 20 rooms spread around the casino full of security guards who get paid to sit there all night until a fight starts then they swarm out and just pummel the guy.

user: mscate

I heard that the a slope was dug into the Yarra outside the Casino so the suicide bodies don't float to the top but stay on the sides.

user: mikestuchberry

Urban legends? Every freaking street has a house where a bloody suicide supposedly happened or a 'witch' perhaps lived. The truth is far stranger. Melbourne's first morgue? Pubs around the CBD. Bodies, often bloated and decomposing after they were pulled out of the Yarra, were laid out in rooms above the bar, often clearing out the pub. In 1923, the police went on strike. There was rioting for three days. Trams were knocked over, a kid was shot. Yeah, I love me some urban legends - gotta love the stories about the Lalor House in Richmond and the ghosts of three suicides - but Melbourne's history is far spookler than any story.

user: thallium

a girl was going home on the last train of *insert your local train line here* and saw three girls sitting opposite her halfway up the carriage. she became increasingly nervous because the girl in the middle of the three kept staring at her blankly and all creepy-like. two cops got on at *random station name here* and instructed everyone to GTFO immediately. the girl asked what was going on so one of the cops told her that two girls had abducted someone and murdered them on the train - apparently it was the girl who was sitting in the middle, staring blankly. the other 2 girls were holding her upright, just like in "weekend at bernies". but yeah everyone knows that's a myth because there's no way cops would come that quickly.

user: taiirei

Some years ago I was told on a certain highway that if you go fast enough you can hear a woman screaming. Apparently a woman was held out of a car so her head kept repeatedly banging on parked cars until she died...

user: love_in_traffic (followup to taiirei)

lol thats on the monash freeway, springvale road entrance

user: fredchook

Yeah, I've heard some fairly unbelievable stories - ie, that the city's riddled with tunnels built by the US armed forces in WWII, that the population could be funnelled into and then poisoned and buried. You know, because in the unlikely event of the Pacific Theatre stretching into a land war spanning the entire latitude of the continent, the US would want their allies in the region to be covertly murdered. Obviously. Melbourne's strange enough in the ways that make sense - ie, that there's tunnels everywhere because they're useful, and hard to get rid of once you have them, and because big sewers were in vogue when the city was expanding, and because there were a lot of creeks. And that Wilsmere was meant to be a progressive mental institution, but budget restraints meant it was a bit crappy anyway, as they usually are. Okay, and I've heard from serious academic sources that hauntings have been reported. So at the very least, it spooks people out.

user: muzikoverdose

that Flinders Station was supposed to be built somewhere in India and the plans got swapped. Wikipedia: "Rumours persist that the design for Flinders Street Station was originally designated for Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai, India.[11] However, no convincing evidence, other than architectural similarities to other buildings in their respective cities, has been produced to support the rumour. In São Paulo, Brazil, Luz Station, the main railway station of that city, was inspired by the lines of Flinders Street Station." good story though :)

user: invader_kitty

Not an urban legend: The grassy divide on Alexandra parade that borders Fitzroy on the north used to be an open sewer. People would throw rubbish, dead animals, sewerage, whatever in it because it drained into the Yarra. But if it hadn't rained for awhile it'd be a foetid hole in the ground. Too many people fell in and contracted hideous diseases and died so it was filled in with soil and trees planted. May be urban legend: All the major trauma hospitals are connected by underground tunnels. I know The Shrine and Vic Barracks are definitely connected and it would make sense to connect major hospitals but I don't know if that's true.