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What is it?

PCOWstack is a reasonably up-to-date build of Apache, MySQL (actually, MariaDB), PHP 5.4 and supporting software for Solaris 10.

Initial builds have been run on SPARC but will be run on x86 shortly.

This stack should be considered for development use. It was not built with production deployments as a primary focus and isn't carefully performance tweaked.

Download links will appear when cooked.

Why is it?

With the demise of the Coolstack/Openstack offering from Sun/Oracle, the best AMP stack is no longer being updated and no longer has general availability. More and more web applications are starting to demand newer and newer releases of PHP and the 5.2 series isn't cutting it.

Furthermore, the demise of and commercial nature of sunfreeware (contradiction in terms?) remove options. OpenCSW isn't up to date at the time of writing (May-2013); sunfreeware require an account just to see which version they have.


  • Q. Why is it built 32-bit?
  • A. Because the initial build was designed to be less difficult and irritating. A 64 bit build will be completed soon.
  • Q. Why is it located in /opt instead of /usr/local?
  • A. Because that suits my build scheme. If you prefer packages in /usr/local, consider
  • Q. You're missing a really exciting extension or library!
  • A. Email me and I'll try to build it in. Can't hurt to give it a stab.
  • Q. Can I get your build scripts?
  • A. No. They're really, really ugly and not designed for distribution.
  • Q. Can I get commercial support?
  • A. No, not from me.
  • Q. Can I donate or give something back?
  • A. Buy me a beer. Email for details.
  • Q. I'm having trouble running this on an early Solaris 10 release. What's wrong?
  • A. Proper commercial package guidelines suggest one should build on the FCS release of Solaris for compatibility. This is a correct move. However, I'm not doing this commercially and thus I'm not keeping a set of 10FCS hosts running for builds. Things might possibly go wrong. It's probably a reasonable time to update, anyway.
  • Q. I found a bug, fault, security issue or problem? What do I do?
  • A. Email me.
  • Q. Where's the presence on github, twitter, facebook, etc?
  • A. There isn't one.
  • Q. I want this rebuilt for my favourite package location. Can you?
  • A. That'll cost you a Danish craft beer.
  • Q. The default configs are crap! Why is it so?
  • A. Because you're meant to have your own configuration. If you're running up stuff without checking the configs first, you're asking for hassles.
  • Q. Can I mirror this?
  • A. Sure. It'd be nice if you emailed me to let me know.
  • Q. Can I ship this in a commercial product?
  • A. You'll need to take that up with the authors of the software packaged here. As far as I'm concerned, you can use the build for anything.