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SLR Camera FAQs

A set of frequently whinged^Wasked questions


Q. How do I use my SLR camera?
A. Read the manual. They put it in the box for a reason.

Q. Which blur tools did you use on picture x for that fuzzy background?
A. None. Google "Depth of Field".

Canon 5D Mark II

Q. I read a lot of forum comments about poor AF performance on the 5D Mk. II. Is this a real problem?
A. A lot of forum posters don't own a camera. Figure it out.

Q. But the Nikon forums never get this sort of question!
A. That's because Nikon shooters enjoy blurry photographs.


Q. Should I buy this off-brand lens for half the price? Will it be better than the L glass in the same focal length? Help me justify my cheapskatedness!
A. No.


Q. Why does the Canon system require the ST-E2 but Nikon doesn't?
A. Because Canon hates us.

Q. What sort of flashes should I buy for off-camera flash?
A. Cheap second-hand Nikons like the SB26 or SB28.