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A V120 with a locked LOMlite

A story

So I've got this Sun Fire V120. They're a nice little toy, use little power compared to the big IIIcu machines and it's just the right fit for a little dev job. I didn't get any disks or RAM with it, but that's just peachy, because I've got disks and some old B100s junkers provided a bag of 512MB DIMMs.

Except, you know, the prior owner/sysadmin/overlord had locked the LOM down. With usernames and passwords. To keep out the riff-raff. Understandable.

So I've got my V120, sitting there. I can't get in. I google it. Google tells me people don't know how to get in. They suggest J14 and J15 as ways of resetting LOMlite's memory. That doesn't work.

Be well warned that this "solution" may well be tied to the specific junker that I was using.

So I'm gettin' tetchy by this point. I know J13 resets LOMlite, so you can see the annoying login prompt again and again.

Figuring the box might be approaching a write-off, I poke J13 rapidly with a screwdriver, resetting that LOM again and again. And presto, it fails to read the EEPROM on the way up after a couple of partial boots and has no auth details. Straight to the prompt.

I try deleting a user, and LOMlite locks hard. A couple of taps on J13 later and we're back in. So I open a console (you'll want to wait for quite a while after poweron to avoid the "console not shared" message) and JumpStart the machine into Solaris - yep, it works.

Make sure auto-boot? is true and disconnect power and reconnect. The box has a locked LOM, but I can ssh into it. So I'm halfway there.

I couldn't find LOMlite packages on the Oracle download site, but that's okay, I actually bought a V100 years ago and I know I've got copies stashed in my homedir. Install them. As soon as the driver attaches, that LOM reboots and locks solid. Doesn't matter, I'm still in.

Crank up vi and look at /platform/sun4u/kernel/drv/lom.conf is the next step.

The critical edit to make is: serial_security=0;

Hard power the box again (after an init 5, of course) and the LOM resets as Solaris boots and comes back with clear credentials. We're good to go!