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Secure Global Desktop at Mexico

Terms of Use

The network and servers belonging to Andre van Eyssen located in the Melbourne area on the 10.0/16 subnet will be known hereafter as "Mexico".

The "Secure Global Desktop service at the Mexico site" will be known hereafter as "the facility".

1. The user agrees to abide by Australian law - State and Federal - while using the facility.

2. The user agrees not to use their SSGD privileges to tamper with other hosts, either inside the mexico environment or located on the greater internet.

3. The user agrees to limit use to a reasonable amount - defined as 1 CPU core and 2GB of memory at maximum.

4. The facility may be removed, shutdown, relocated or modified at any time by the owner without notice to any party.

5. There is no guarantee or assurrance of service, availibility or reliability at any time.

6. The user acknowledges that there is no backup facility in operation for user data stored on the facility.