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VDI iSCSI Errors


VDI fails to start desktop VMs. Logs show something similar to:

Oct 6 14:20:37 mesa cacao[1577]: [ID 702911 daemon.warning] com.sun.vda.service.vbox.VBDesktop.startDesktop : Desktop DesktopName failed to start, probably due to failed iSCSI login, retrying...

Probable Cause

For some reason, after a reboot the Solaris iSCSI target daemon comes up with a blank list of targets even though the shareiscsi property on the zvols are set correctly.

Validate with

iscsitadm list target

If this returns nothing, you have a problem.


svcadm restart iscsitgt

Validate fix

iscsitadm list target

This should now list all the iSCSI zvols, for example

# iscsitadm list target
Target: mesa/f9b59ad0-bc40-4254-b6a1-a8dc104941fc
    iSCSI Name:
    Connections: 1